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Operation 7

Operation 7 Operation 7

Screenshots of Operation 7

Operation 7 Editor's Review

A Worthwhile Addition to the FPS Catalogue

This begs the question, what happened to the other 6 operations? Operation 7 is a free to play online MMO with a similar vein to Counter strike and Delta Force. You choose your side between the good guys and the bad guys, grab your gun and head out to fight on an expanse of land. Though perhaps not nearly as recognised as more common alternatives, Operation 7 does offer a good enough experience if you’re looking for alternatives to FPS gameplay.

The game is generally easy to get into. The UI has a lot in common with FPS games, showing such information as ammo, weapon type, map, hp and scores as any other. You start off small and can work your way up the rank ladder, improving your weapons, armour and general appearance as you go. As you climb up the ranking you unlock new weapons, but you also have the additional option of buying weapons directly on the store.

The graphics are good, but not great; the game is generally starting to show its age. The servers for the game are well populated, though people within the game can sometimes be unfriendly. An important aspect to the game is joining clans, so you might find it easier to play this game if you’ve been invited by a friend, or want to join up with a group of friends.

Pro's: Fun enough FPS, easy to play, interesting maps

Con's: Unfriendly population, clan based, requires money to buy better equipment.

Conclusion: Though fun enough its age does show and general appeal is fairly low. It is worth giving Operation 7 a shot if you’re looking for a new FPS alternative.

Features: 3
Stability: 5
Usability: 4
Interface: 4

Operation 7 Publisher's Description

Operation7 offers outstanding features like high quality sounds and dynamic game play with incredible customization of characters and weapons. One of the most special features in Operation7 is the gun modification system. Players are able to modify and customize their guns as detailed as they want. If you are sick using the same guns like everyone else...

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